- E-Power -

The E-power is a new technology product, a passive inductive filter with hybrid functions which improves power quality and saves up to 5 % of the total energy consumption and prolongs the life span of systems connected to the electricity network. 

There is no similar technology or competing product on the market. Väre Oy (https://vare.fi/) is the distributor of the device in Finland. 

The "Savings Report" for post-installation measurements also specifies the indirect effects of the device on carbon dioxide emissions and saved forests. 

The power savings achieved with the E-power device are very important for companies, both nationally and globally.

Energia Europa Institutional Video: 


E-Power - stages of the energy efficiency project:

1. The customer provides Väre Oy or EcoPWR Oy with the following information: - The total electricity consumption and price including transfer charges for 12 months
- Electricity diagram

2. EcoPWR Oy drafts and Väre Oy delivers an experience-based cost estimate (%) and ROI (Return of Investment) with Energy Europa S.p.A.

3. If the customer wants a Väre guaranteed estimate for each investment center for investment decisions: - The customer will determine the peak and annual consumption of the electricity from the main supplier - Vöre Oy will measure the quality of the electricity and perform a review ("Site survey")
- Väre Oy will deliver a report with the factory's guaranteed savings and ROI.

For more info contact: name.surname@ecopwr.fi