We use the E-Monitoring measuring device to measure power quality, prepare power quality reports in accordance with EU standards and give recommendations to improve the facility's power quality and energy efficiency. 

Installation of the measuring device takes about 30 minutes per LV-room and naturally does not require a power break. 

The power quality measurement takes a week, but immediately after the installation of the measuring device, we can examine all electrical parameters (also remotely together with the customer) and immediately advise on, for example, deficiencies in compensation.

The main screen of the meter. As an example, the correction of overcompensation (capacitive reactive power of about 120 kVar which was corrected to inductive reactive power, which was then about 30 kVar). It would then be measured for a week and a power quality report would be prepared with additional recommendations.

An example of the facility's power quality parameters.

                        An example of the consumption of one of the main LV-rooms of the facility.