— What does EcoPWR Oy do? —

We are a Finnish company and only use Finnish subcontractors. The E-Power is designed and manufactured by Energy Europa S.p.A in Italy. The system is retailed in Finland by Väre Oy and supplied exclusively by EcoPWR Oy. Väre Oy's partners perform measurements and evaluations at the measurement sites, coordinates the projects and installations that are being implemented together with the associates. We have also joined the Energy Efficiency and ESCO services (more info in the "Links" page).

 Employment opportunities:     

The marketing, selling and installation planning of the E-Power system increases employment opportunities in our home country. In principle, EcoPWR Oy has made a decision to only use Finnish subcontractors. This way EcoPWR Oy ensures, that the different stages of work benefit Finland and promote domestic economic growth. In addition to planning, marketing, sales and material procurement, an average of 80 man-hours are used to install one E-Power device.


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